My ChildhoodEdit

I usually like to start my childhood stories with when I gained siblings for that was when my life became interesting. Before I gained siblings, I lived a quiet childhood with my mom. When I was about 2 my father and step-mother had a baby boy named Jude. Jude was my first sibling so I always loved him. But I lived in Illinois and he lived in Missourri so we didn't really get to see each other much. I remember going to the park with him and going to school with him, and my life was still great until my father and step-mother had another child, another boy, named Matt. That's when my dad became rather cruel to me when I visited him. This is also when my mom's ex-boyfriend called DCFS and got me taken away from her and put with my dad. My dad was always stressed and getting me put with him only made him more cruel with me. It was only a 3 bedroom house and moving was out of the question. Jude, Matt, and my dad and step-mom took the bedrooms and I slept in the basement on an air mattress. When I was 9, my step-mom and father had their last child, a girl named Kate. My step-mom had always glued the family together and besides Jude, was the only one nice to me. Very short on space, they shoved Jude down into the basement with me. When I was 9, my dad no longer let me leave the basement, only to use the restroom and school, he brought all food down to me. When Kate was turning 2 very soon, Matt, Kate and my step-mom were up in a treehouse when a fire had broken out and Kate and her were stuck. Matt had to choose between saving his sister or mother. He picked Kate up, barely able being only about 5. He then as painful as could be, watched his mother die. Within the year Matt was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Kate also read her first Harry Potter book when she was 3.