Story is also 95% true, it was over 8 years ago so it's a little fuzzyEdit

I was at the YMCA after school (We just had it in the gym) And I'm used to being one of the last kids to be picked up because my mom works until about 5:30. I was very surprised to see her picking me up at 3:30. My mom had told me Thank god I took off today. I ask her what's wrong and she says she was cleaning and she hears a mew coming from outside and finds 2 tiny, newborn kittens. We get home and she goes into the garage where she found them, she says the mother cat is probably still in labor so we need to find her. It only takes my mom 5 minutes to realize she climbed up into our rafters! My mom starts piling up junk so she can reach the mother cat. We managed to get her down after about 30 minutes and brought her inside into my playroom. (Where I keep and play with all my toys) My mom layed down a nice layer or two of old homework of mine and placed the cat down. (We've decided to name her Mama by now) My mom remembers the cat in my friend and neighbor Jillian's yard. I run over and ask her and she grabs her older sister and runs over. She says that's her "half cat" and they provide it a little house outside but that's it and that her name is Star (Because of the star like shape on her fur on her forehead) but everyone continues calling her Mama. The first kitteh is a girl and she is light creme colored and we name her Pumpkin (Later changed to Lacy) and the second born is a boy kitteh who we name Barney. (No one calls him Barney, mostly Nini) Later Mama gives birth to another kitteh also a boy who we name Peanut. (He is the only one we end up keeping) And one more kitteh is born, yet another boy, who we name Charlie. (Later changed to Hugo Charlie by his new owner)

Lacy as newborn

Lacy is the first to go to one of my moms coworkers.

Charlie is the next to go to my moms boyfriend

We try to keep Barney but he gets territorial and pees everywhere so we have to find him a new home

Peanut gets to stay!!!
Peanut adult


And I just added some pictures for looking :D

Troll Face Lacy!!






Barney (farthest left) Peanut (middle) and Lacy (farthest right)