These rules differ from those of the chat rules!!

  • IF Someone says Kitteh :3 you do NOT have to say Kitteh :3 back
  • IF you do choose to say Kitteh :3 back, PLEASE be sure to pay attention to spelling errors and such I am very specific about how you say it back DO NOT SAY: kitteh :3, Kitteh, Any additions of letter, any subtraction of letters
  • IF you spell Kitteh :3 wrong in any way, shape, or form that anyone catches, you will most likely be replied with a :O or you dishonored the Kittehs!! You will also be assigned a punishment.
  • IF you are assigned a punishment, ONLY I may assign punishments but feel free to PM me any suggestions. You never have to, but you are looked down upon if you don't, and all Kittehs will die because of you

4 simple notes to pay attention to, not that hard, Kitteh :3 on ^_^